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Neoprosone Gel Review


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Whats up to all the guys and ladies in here, i am so excited to share my result from neoprosone gel with you guys today. The gel is pretty strong so i had to mix it with my carotone lotion. I was almost albino white when i didn't mix it with anything which was pretty scary.
Neoprosone gel before and after
neoprosone gel.png

As you can see i have lightened a lot and i really like my current skin tone. I was way lighter than this when i was using neoprosone gel alone without mixing it in my carotone cream. I did not exfoliate or use any peel on my skin and i got up to 5 shades lighter.

How long does neoprosone gel takes to work
It works really fast, so you should see lighter skin in a matter of days or in about a week.

This is the Neoprosone gel that i used
neoprosone gel forte.jpg

Neoprosone gel Ingredients: Betamethasone 0.05% (comme Dipropionate), Neomycine Sulphate 0.1%.

I noticed that their is neoprosone gel with arbutin and there is another neoprosone gel with alpha arbutin. Mitchell brand neoprosone gel with vitamin c is completely different because it contains only natural ingredients.

The Neoprosone gel i used contains steroids and it can lighten the skin very fast which is why i mixed it with my carotone lotion. I read somewhere that you can minimize the side effects of the neoprosone topical steroids with retin a but unfortunately for me i am unable to get retin a so i hope mixing it will reduce the side effects in the long term.

Pros of Neoprosone gel
  1. It lightens very fast.
  2. It is potent and concentrated.
  3. It is still effective when mixed with a skin lightening lotion or ordinary lotion.
  4. It can lighten old scars.
  5. Neoprosone gel also get rid of acne scars.

Cons of Neoprosone gel
  1. It contains topical steroids.
  2. It can cause stretch marks.
  3. It can cause redness and inflammation.
  4. It can cause Skin thinning.
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Amaaazzzzingggg !! What kind of sunscreen do you use?? I live in south Florida and it's hot allllll the time I don't want to tan after *sorryyyy* I know this post Is from August