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The 9 Best Tips To Keep Young and Healthy Skin

Years ago, women spent excessive amounts of money on the best makeup, the newest products, and the best brands to look wonderful and to keep young and healthy skin. But over time, thanks to various articles and research by experts and dermatologists it became known that you will not have an ideal makeup or a porcelain skin without taking care of your skin in the appropriate way.

That is why, in recent years, it has been a trend that more women get involved in the wave of skincare, their overall body and in maintaining integral well-being in a more holistic way.

I will give you invaluable tips so that your skin looks radiant, and also, you can give a second chance to those makeup products that you thought were of poor quality or that did not work, simply because they did not look good on your skin. In 9 tips I will give you simple solutions for skincare.


1. Deep cleansing of the skin twice a day

The first fundamental step in our daily skincare routine is to remove make-up and clean the facial skin. Facial hygiene is essential twice a day, in the morning and at night with products suitable for your skin type (normal, dry, mixed, oily, and sensitive) and according to the requirements of the skin.

The cleaning is done by the morning to remove all types of dead cells and natural oils that our skin produced at night and leave the skin ready to start with a new layer of products that will provide protection and moisture throughout the day. At night, it is the most important step since, after a long day away from home with makeup on our skin and having contact with pollutants, smoke and repeatedly bringing our hands to our face, our skin needs a Deep cleansing that provides oxygenation, promoting the removal of dead cells and dirt to prevent clogging of pores and then having to deal with unpleasant acne and signs of premature aging.


2. If you wear makeup every day, this tip is for you

There is a wonderful variety of facial cleansers that can easily be adapted to your skin type. Currently, it is preferred to use balms, oils or biphasic cleansers in those women who use more makeup, in this way, it is possible to obtain a perfect makeup removal before starting with facial cleansing.

In the variety is the taste, biphasic cleansers and facial oils are ideal for that dense makeup and difficult to remove, they are also very useful for the area of the eyes and lips. The balms, widely used by the makeup artist to melt all the makeup in a few seconds and then proceed to perform deep skin cleansing.


3. Facial cleansers

Today we can find cleansers in soap, gel or cream, or some deeper as a scrub. The important thing is to use one that does not contain alcohol or abrasive components for your skin, in this way, we avoid the imbalance of the skin’s pH, we manage to remove the necessary amount of sebum (natural skin oil) without irritating or hurting it and we promote Healthy skincare.


4. A toner for tiredness

Our skincare routine should include a facial tonic to help close the pores, promote the pH balance of the skin, provide hydration and keep the skin toned and feeling well throughout the day.

When choosing a facial tonic for your skin, look for products that include rose water, Aloe Vera, rosemary, chamomile extract or cucumber.

We recommend to any type of skin to opt for a facial tonic that does not contain alcohol, this ingredient previously so popular in tonics and astringent has been completely eliminated from facial routines due to its short-term disadvantages such as dryness, irritation, itching and imbalance of skin pH.


5. The right serum for your skin

The serum is a product of oily consistency perfect to be applied after the tonic since the skin is clean enough to absorb all the properties that a good facial serum gives us. Facial serum is characterized by being quickly absorbed and having high concentrations of different assets, which enhance and improve the effectiveness of other products that are required to apply during the facial routine, in addition, it serves as a first for makeup, increases hydration, decreases Signs of fatigue on the face, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and provide a unique shine.

It is recommended in the morning facial routine, apply serum treatments with rapid absorption and light texture. During the nighttime routine, facial serum that contain ingredients that are not suitable for application during the day can be applied due to the interaction with the sun’s rays and the possible production of spots on the skin (Vitamin C, polyphenols, retinoids or vitamin TO). Also, the products for the facial routine at night have a heavier texture and it is because they must perform a greater action, that is, regenerative and ultra moisturizing.

Currently, dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend serum facials that include the following active ingredients, caffeine, niacinamide, arbutin, peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, polyphenols, vitamin C, retinoids or vitamin A, Aloe Vera, among others.


6. A cream only for the night

From the age of 25 or 30, we can start using a specific nighttime moisturizer. We must bear in mind that the facial cream that we apply during the night is not the same as during the day. The day cream usually has sunscreens and has no active as dense and powerful as those contained in night creams.

During the night hours, thanks to rest, our skin will absorb nutrients much better than during the day, also, night creams contain ingredients such as vitamin C, retinoids, polyphenols, which are indicated to use only at night to avoid spots on the face (hyperpigmentation) when having sun exposure.

For this reason, it is highly recommended by dermatologists to use two moisturizers, each one fulfills exactly its function when used at the corresponding time.


7. A self-assessment is the most effective

It is recommended that during the facial routine specific movements are performed as ascending and in circles to improve the absorption of the products while improving the circulation of the skin.

There are aesthetic implements such as the roller or electronic facial sponges that stimulate circulation or you can choose to perform a massage with gentle upward movements and applying slight pressure when applying the moisturizer.

A facial massage is the best remedy to relax the tensions of the face, give firmness to the skin and activate the circulation.


8. Sun protection

Sunscreen will always be the best ally for skincare. If you want to preserve your skin over time you must keep in mind that facial cleansing, hydration, and protection should never be lacking.

Dermatologists recommend applying SPF 50 or more sunscreen every 4 hours at any time of the year and remember to protect the face with hats and glasses when exposed to the sun for long hours.


9. Rest

To complete our routine we must not forget the final tips related to a good rest:

  • The bedroom should be dark, if you like, you can place a small dim light that provides calm and relaxation.
  • The best posture to prevent wrinkles is on your back.
  • Before falling asleep we should try to leave the mind blank, forget the worries and relax the face.
  • Sleeping fewer hours than we need affects the appearance of our face, therefore, 7 hours of nighttime sleep are necessary to keep the skin in optimal condition.