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Glutathione Before and After

Hello friends, i have been taking glutathione pills and my skin in now very white. I also use glutathione soap and glutathione cream. I am originally from Philippines but i moved to the UK when i was 10 and my skin used to be very dark but now my skin is pale and milky. I used the glutathione pills for about 2 months before i saw good results.

Glutathione Before and After.
glutathione before and after.png

As you can see i used to be very brown and now i am as white as snow . I won't list the name of all the products that i used, if you want to know the glutathione products please fell free to send me a private message and i will make that i respond to it.

Other things that i did
I drink a lot of water.
I stay out of the sun.
I exercise and exfoliate a lot.
I am always wearing sunscreen.
I eat only healthy food.