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Piona Skin Bleaching Cream Reviews

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by EbonyNY, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. EbonyNY

    EbonyNY Moderator

    Last year i was fortunate enough to have enough money to try the piona skin bleaching product and i would say that i was impressed with their line of products. Their products are very expensive and i was sure i was going to get a good result for the money i paid. Their are lot of bad reviews on the product and i can say that this cream is not for everybody.

    Piona Cream strong brightening cream
    piona bleaching cream reviews.jpg

    Piona Bleaching Cream Ingredients:Glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, water, phenol, octyl dimethyl paba, parfum, evening primrose, ascorbic acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium metabisulfite, disodium edta, albutin, methylparaben, allantonin propylparaben, sodium citrate, glycolic acid, p-chloro-m-creso

    The main Ingredient in the cream is glycolic acid. If you are familiar with chemical peels or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), you will know that glycolic acid is a very effective home peel that gives good result.Piona skin bleaching cream and piona skin brightening cream are the same products, i believe. Piona bleaching cream exfoliates and lightens the skin at the same time.

    Pros Of Piona Bleaching Cream
    • It lightens the skin very fast.
    • It contains only natural ingredients.
    • It can lighten the skin up to 4 shades.
    • It is made in US so it follows strict product rules.
    • It acts as an exfoliant and skin lightener.

    Cons Of Piona Bleaching Cream
    • The quantity is really small for it price.
    • The cream is very expensive.
    • It can irritate the skin because it contains and acid.
    • There is not much information about the company the makes it.
    • It can cause blotchy skin.
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  2. Lala18

    Lala18 Well-Known Member

    wow this cream sells for almost 100 dollars lol.. just why
  3. Bola4Show

    Bola4Show Active Member

    I've seen the results from this cream it is almost unbelievable
  4. MoniqueP

    MoniqueP Member

    The cream would make you very pale
  5. NaeNae19

    NaeNae19 Active Member

    I 've tried the piona before i got blotchy at first then my skin evened out but i returned to my original shade when i stopped using it in like a week or two.
  6. YelloBoy

    YelloBoy Member

    The reviews for piona bleaching cream on amazon are crazy
  7. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    There was some claiming on there that they went 6 shades lighter lol
  8. YelloBoy

    YelloBoy Member

  9. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    If i can find the link i would post it here for you to see yourself
  10. YelloBoy

    YelloBoy Member

    How is that even possible, that would do some damage to the skin for sure.

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