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TCA Blue Peel


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Oct 1, 2017
TCA Blue Peel is a very effective and powerful skin chemical peel that can be used to peel and exfoliate the skin to get rid of certain skin imperfections that are superficial. TCA Blue Peel can be used to lighten and whiten skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. TCA Blue Peel should not be used on broke skin or blistered skin. TCA Blue Peel should be done safely and with caution because incorrect use of TCA Blue Peel can cause severe skin damage such as burn or PIH scars. TCA Blue Peel cannot be used on damaged skin because it can worsen the skin conditions and cause permanent skin damage. TCA Blue Peel works very fast and results are amazing and it can help to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin. TCA Blue Peel result can be seen within a week of use. TCA Blue Peel helps to brighten dull skin complexion.

TCA Blue Peel.jpg

Side Effects of TCA Blue Peel
  • It can cause skin flushing.
  • It can cause skin blotchiness.
  • It can cause darkening of the skin.
  • It can cause skin redness.
  • It can cause skin flaking.
  • It can cause skin inflammation.