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Skin Whitening Pills - Uses, Reviews and Side Effects


Apr 17, 2016
New York
Skin Whitening Pills Reviews
Skin whitening pills are becoming more and more popular nowadays as they are easier to take than applying a whole jar of cream to the body. The use of skin whitening pills to lighten the skin is a very slow and discouraging process but minimal results can be seen with the use of skin whitening pills.

Types of skin whitening pills
Vitamin C.

1.Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills - It is a master anti-oxidant that is derived from plant and fungi . Glutathione is very effective in whitening the skin when taking in a large dosage. A small dosage will show little to no result. Glutathione is not only good for whitening the skin but it can also boost the brain cells and help with better vision for the eyes.
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Pros Of Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills
It helps to clean the liver.
It helps to detox the skin.
It helps to make the skin look younger.
It helps to remove sun damage and lighten dark spots.
It helps to reduce inflammation and red acne marks.

Side Effects if Glutathione Skin Whitening pills
It lowers the zinc level in the body.
It can trigger asthma attack for people who are prone to asthma.
It can cause negative interaction in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2.NAC Skin Whitening Pills - N-Acetyl Cysteine is a super supplement than not only whiten the skin but it can also prevent brain damage from drinking or smoking. N-Acetyl Cysteine helps to improve the overall body health and detoxify the body and skin cells making the body appear lighter and brighter.
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Pros Of NAC Skin Whitening Pills
It removes all the metal deposits in the body.
It helps to stop all kind of addiction.
It removes impurities from the skin and makes the skin look brighter.
It prevents damage from excessive smoking and alcohol use
It helps to reduce freckles and sun spots.

Side Effects of NAC Skin Whitening Pills
It can cause nausea
It can cause chest tightness
It can cause drowsiness.

3.MSM (Methylsufonylmethane) Skin Whitening Pills - A pure form of (Methylsufonyl-methane) MSM Pills can do wonders for your skin, it would make your skin look totally different and it works even better with the use of vitamin c pills. MSM Pills have been shown to decrease the production of melanin, melanin is responsible for the darkening o the skin. A high dosage of MSM can make a dark skin lighter.
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Pros Of MSM Skin Whitening Pills
It lightens very dark skin.
It reduces sunspots and dark acne scars.
It also helps the hair to grow longer.
It reduces over secretion of oil in the skin.
It is used as an anti inflammatory agent

Side Effects of MSM Skin Whitening Pills
It can cause bloating
It can worsen allergies.
It can cause headache and fatigue.

4.Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills - This is the most common skin whitening supplement and it also makes other skin whitening supplement more effective. Vitamin C taking in a large dosage can lighten the skin extremely and decrease the production of melanin in the skin. The liquid form of vitamin c is very effective in getting rid of dead skin when applied to the skin topically.
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Pros Of Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills
It can brighten and lighten the skin in large dosage
It helps to improve the eye sight.
Vitamin C is used in anti aging
Vitamin C helps to detox the body.
Vitamin C increases the effectiveness of other skin whitening pills.

Side Effects Of Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills
It can cause abdominal cramps
It increases the risk of lung cancer.
It can cause heartburn.

5.Pycnogenol Skin Whitening Pills - Pycnogenol is a skin supplement that is derived from pine bark. Pycnogenol is extracted from peanut skin, grape fruit seed, witch hazel barks. Pycnogenol is still being researched for skin whitening but it has been proven to show some results in patients with melasma and there are thousands of report showing pycnogenol removing tan from the skin and making the skin paler.
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Pros Of Pycnogenol Skin Whitening Pills
It is proven to lighten tanned skin.
It helps to treat high blood pressure.
It prevent melanin synthesis.
It reduces inflammation in skin.
It improves appearance of acne scars.

Side effects of Pycnogenol Skin Whitening Pills
It can cause dizziness.
It can cause mouth ulcer.
It can cause gut problems and headache.
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Reactions: Chocoblanca


Apr 17, 2016
I used to take a lot of vitamin c pills when i was younger and my skin would look lighter within a week and go back to normal when i stopped


Apr 17, 2016
I am currently taking MSM and Pycnogenol for skin whitening but i am seeing very little result

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