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Skin Light Cream


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Apr 17, 2016
Hello SCA, i would be posting my skin light cream review here. I have used the cream for exactly 2 months now and my skin is very light and pale now. My skin tone used to be dark brown before and i was very light when i was a baby. I am getting a greyish brown skin tone from it.

This is the SkinLight Cream I used, not the Skin Light cocoa butter cream. The cream has Vitamin E and carrot extract in it. The SkinLight jar cream also has a high percentage of hydroquinone in it.
skin light.jpg

Skin Light Cream Ingredients: Huile de vaseline, vaseline blanche, acide stearique, lanoline purifee, hq, vitamine E extracts naturales de carotte, fragrance, antioxydant, conservateur, MPG.

This is my result from the skin light cream alone. I did not mix any tube, oil or serum in it i just used the skin light cream alone and i did not use any skin lightening soap, i use my normal olay body soap.
Skin Light Before and After.
skin light.png

As you can see i have a grey hue to my pale skin tone.

Pros Of Skin Light Cream
It can bleach and lighten very dark skin in a matter of days.
It comes in a large jar.
It makes the skin look more natural.

Cons Of Skin Light Cream
It can cause pimples and irritation.
It can make the skin red.
It has a terrible smell.
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Apr 17, 2016
Mitchell lemonvate contains arbutin not steroids ;) You can get it amazon, just make sure you get the right one !

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