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MSM Lotion Recipe


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Oct 1, 2017
MSM Lotion is very potent and it can be used to lighten dark skin to a lighter skin complexion or skin tone. MSM Lotion results can be seen within 7 days of using the product. MSM Lotion can be used to lighten the entire body. MSM Lotion can be used to get rid of dark spots or skin hyperpigmentation and skin hypopigmentation issue. MSM Lotion is very effective in correcting skin discoloration. MSM Lotion can be used to get rid of skin tan and make the skin look younger and smoother. MSM Lotion works very fast and can be used to lighten the skin up to 3 shades lighter. MSM Lotion should not be used on broken skin or blistered skin because it can worsen the skin condition. MSM Lotion can be made by grinding MSM pills into a lotion or cream.

MSM Lotion Recipe.png

Side Effects of MSM Lotion
  • It can cause itchy skin.
  • It can cause skin break out.
  • It can cause swelling.
  • It can cause dermatitis.
  • It can cause visible veins.
  • It can cause white spots.