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Make Your Own Lactic Acid Lotion


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Oct 1, 2017
Lactic acid lotion is the most effective and gentle form of treatment for various skin conditions and issues such as acne, eczema, chicken skin, psoriasis, black spots, white spots and other skin hyperpigmentation issues. Lactic acid lotion can be gotten from medical stores or normal super centres such as walgreens, walmarts or CVS.

make your own lactic acid lotion.jpg

To make your on own lactic acid lotion you will need to use this formula.
C1= Concentration of the acid
V1=Volume of the acid
C2=Concentration to get
V2= volume you get

C1 * V1-C2 * V2

Side Effects of Lactic Acid
  • It can cause skin redness.
  • It can cause skin flaking.
  • It can cause skin inflammation.
  • It can cause irritability.
  • It can cause pounding in ears.
  • It can cause burning sensations.