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Kojic Acid Cream


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Apr 17, 2016
Ok so i decided to try an all natural skin lightening regimen as most of my products before were hydroquinone and some kojic acid and by this i mean the fair and white line. A lot of their products comes in both kojic acid cream and hydroquinone cream. I've noticed that they are both very effective and i came to the conclusion that if the kojic acid is working well for me, why not use it fully in my skin lightening regimen. I'm trying to live a more healthier and natural life. In general i' m trying to detox my body of all the harmful chemicals i' ve pumping into my self. I've selected a handful of kojic acid cream that i would be using for my new all natural skin lightening regimen. This are the products that i plan on using in my regimen.

Kojic acid cream and soap
  • Kojie san whitening lotion
  • Kojie san kojic acid soap
  • Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night Cream with Kojic Acid
  • Marie France Professional Strength Kojic Soap
  • G and g teint Uniforme Lightening Cream
kojic acid cream lotion.jpg
kojic acid cream soap.jpg

I'm using two different kojic acid soap because i plan to use the kojie san kojic acid soap on my face alone because it is milder than Marie France but still strong enough for the face and i will use Marie France Professional Strength Kojic Soap on my body due to it higher percentage of kojic acid. My current skintone is NC42 and i will try to stay at this mac shade. I will also be taking MSM Pills, Glutathione Pills and Niacinamide. I plan to detox my body and eat less junk food also. I plan to sweat out all the junk foods and alcohol from this summer break .LOL. I will drink more water and also go the sauna once a week just to speed things up. I'm trying to get my skin tone to look more natural as possible, that is why i will be using only kojic acid cream to lighten my skin.

This is my current skin tone from the use of the fair and white products.
kojic acid cream.png

I used the fair and white exclusive line hydroquinone and kojic acid cream to achieve the lighter skin tone.
This would be my new skin lightening regimen.
Mornings - am
  1. Leave kojie san on face for 5 minutes and rinse
  2. Wash Body with Marie france soap
  3. Apply reviva labs kojic acid cream to face and them apply kojie san whitening lotion to face and neck
  4. Apply g and g cream to body.

Nights -pm
  1. Apply reviva labs kojic acid cream to face and them apply kojie san whitening lotion to face and neck
  2. Apply g and g cream to body.
I won't be washing my face at night to avoid over-exfoliation and i am focusing more on my forehead and sideburns.
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