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How to use Nadinola and get result - Skin Lightening


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Read my review on nadinola in the products reviews before deciding if this is for you


Nadinola is basic skin lightening cream that most beginner lightener use to get a few shades lighter. Nadinola is suitable for a wide range of skin tone ranging from the really dark to really light. Nadinola is made specifically for spot treatment so it would be suitable to use on the face due to the size
If you are a beginner skin lightener with a really dark skin tone i recommend you get your self a bottle of Maxi-Peel 3.
maxi peel.jpg

It would allow the cream to work faster and better.

1.Wash your face with your normal cleanser or a mild exfoliating soap
2. Apply the maxi peel evenly to you whole face twice (with a 2mins interval)
3.Apply the nadinola evenly all over your face.
4.Repeat this in the morning and at night( You can leave out the application of the maxi peel at night/morning depending on when you want to apply it)

More Notes
1. Use the maxi peel for the 3 days straight or until you start peeling (You will Peel)
2. Avoiding the sun.
3. Use Spf
4.Within a week you would see result, in two weeks you would be really light :)
5.If you are not satisfied with the result you can use carowhite or l'abidjanaise or g&g
6.The plateau for dark skin tone should be be a really light brown with little tints of paleness

7. You can maintain by using the products 3-5 times a week
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