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How to use l'abidjanaise and get result - Skin Lightening


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Read my review on the l'abidjanaise brands in the products reviews before deciding if this is for you


People use the cream in different ways but i will be showing you my way
Note:L'abidjanaise is suitable for people with dark tones and people with medium light tones. This can be used after stopping carowhite.

Note:Before starting any lightening cream it is good to have an exfoliants and my favourite is Maxipeel 3 for the face
maxi peel.jpg

so you should also have one unless you have a really sensitive skin.
  1. First wash your face with your normal cleansing soap or you can use a mild exfoliant soap and leave it on for 2-5 minutes(I recommend the l'abidjanaise soap because it is mild)
  2. Use a cotton wool to apply the maxi peel to your face twice (with a 2mins interval)
  3. You would need to premix your l'abidjanaise lotion with the l'abidjanaise lightening oil not the carrot one !
  4. Apply the lotion mixture to your face (You can also use the jar on your face but you should not mix it with the oil or you could burn yourself as you are are already using maxipeel to exfoliate)
  5. Apply the jar/tub cream to your whole body
  6. You can create a mixture of l'abidjanaise cream with the oil and maxi peel to use on your knuckles,knees,elbows and toe.
More Notes
1. Use the maxi peel for the 3 days straight or until you start peeling (You will Peel)
2. Avoiding the sun. Get in the habit of wearing hats
3. Use Spf
4. Yield to all my words even the ones the i don't seem to stress on
5.Within two weeks you would be considered light( trust me)
6. If you are not satisfied with your facial tone after 3 weeks, add the tube cream to your regimen. (labidjanaise tube cream, it contains Clobetasol, so use at your own risk)
7.If you are not satisfied with the result and you don't want to risk the tube cream, switch to g&g teint uniforme in pink which i would be discussing soon.)
8.When you reach your plateau with the l'abidjanaise products and you want to lighten further, move on to the g&g wagon
9. Your plateau with l'abidjanaise should be around light brown shade with pale tints to it

10. You can maintain by using the labidjanaise products 3-5 times a week
A lot of L'abidjanaise cream before and after is really impressive
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Hey my question was if I’m not using the maxi peel Can I use all three like the jar lotion and oil?
You can use them without the maxi peel because people get good result with just l'abidjanaise lotion and oil alone.


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Yes it is safe to use all three and you can reduce the numbers of days in a week that you use them if you think it is too strong.