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How to use Kojie San kojic acid soap and get result - Skin Lightening


Apr 17, 2016
New York
You can read my review on kojie san kojic acid soap in the product review sections

Kojie san soap is suitable for all skin tone but i would advise against it for people with really sensitive skin or you should watch your skin closely if you do plan on using it. Another soap that can substitute kojic acid soap would be papaya soap.

Note: You should make sure you are not using any other strong exfoliants as this could result in serious burn. I would really advise that kojie san soap be used in conjuction with a really good cream containing hydroquinone e.g Nadinola

  1. First Splash some water on your face
  2. Dip the soap in the running water and make sure it lathers well
  3. Rub the soap on your face and avoid the eye area (Be gentle when applying the soap to your cheeks and your mid-forehead as this are really sensitive part of your face that can burn easily
  4. Let it sit on your face for 2-5 minutes
  5. Rinse it off and pat your face dry
  6. By now your face would be really dried out so you can apply your moisturising cream or hydroquinone cream e.g Nadinola
More Notes
1. Stop using the soap if you're seeing redness on your face
2. Avoiding the sun
3. Use Spf
4. Yield to all my words even the ones the i don't seem to stress on Lol
5.You can use the soap 3 times a week
6.Avoid creams with acids or peeling agents while using the soap
7.If you get redness. Apply some hydrocortisone and neosporin
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Apr 17, 2016
i burned myself the first time i used kojie san but i would follow your instructions and try it again

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