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Apr 15, 2016
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The upper layers of the epidermis (corneal stratum and acid mantle) have an essential role in the fight against various external factors. But with age, the skin’s barrier function is less effective and the skin loses its ability to retain water, begins to dehydrate easily, resulting in specific signs that cause skin discomfort. Also, small wrinkles appear as a warning of premature aging.
Luckily, dehydration in the skin is treatable, since numerous dermatological and dermocosmetic products guarantee the regulation and normal functioning of the skin layers, which benefits from adequate hydration of the epidermis (superficial skin layer).
We can start by identifying the causes of the problem so that we can prevent them efficiently.
What Causes Skin Dehydration?
There are many factors responsible for the epidermis becoming dehydrated. One of the most common is the lack of water intake, generally, we forget to drink enough water a day and our skin perceives it, transforming...
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