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How to make kojic acid lotion


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Oct 1, 2017
Kojic acid lotion is one the best skin lightening and exfoliating lotion. Kojic acid lotion can be used to treat a lot of skin discoloration issues and skin hyperpigmentation issue. Kojic acid lotion should be used in the percentage of 4%-10%. Kojic acid lotion can made with the use of kojic acid powder and a regular body lotion. A kojic acid powder of concentration of 40%-50% is recommended and it should be buffered down and dissolved in a regular body lotion that has been measured for the required amount of Kojic acid lotion that is going to be made.

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Side Effects of Kojic acid lotion
  • It can cause skin inflammation.
  • It can cause irritability.
  • It can cause ear irritation.
  • It can cause burning sensations.
  • It can cause sun burn.