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How to lighten and get rid of Dark Knuckles Fast


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Apr 17, 2016
Dark knuckles are a pain the ass and can be very hard to get rid of. I have gotten rid of them on and off and i can say life is definitely better when you have your knuckles on fleek, you can flaunt them everywhere, a few are lucky that are born with perfect knuckles and they will never know the joy of getting rid of the dark knuckles. This would be a general concept as to how to get rid of it and hope to create a more in depth tutorial

Ok so let get right to it.
To get rid of dark knuckles you would need a chemical peel and to maintain it you would need a lightner.

The best chemical peels to use would be Lactic acid and glycolic acid, Though kojic acid is not a peel it also good in getting rid of dark knuckles but takes much longer to show result.
For lightner i would recommend a cream or lotion that is high in hydroquinone. Popular belief is that hydroquinone causes dark knuckles but that is very wrong. HYDROQUINONE is the basic and Father of all lightner.

Concepts of getting rid of dark knuckles
Easy Steps.
1. Get a lactic or glycolic acid in the 30-45 % range. This will vary depending on how thick the skin on your knuckles.
2. Apply it every night for a week and by the next week it would showing signs that it is about to peel e.g greyness and wrinkles. You may apply reduce the days to 4-5 if the skin on your knuckles are not that thick
3. It would take about a week for the skin to peel and reveal the lighter skin
4. Apply your high hydroquinone cream religiously to maintain the lightened knuckles . I would advise against cream that contains kojic acid,lactic acid or glycolic acid to maintain as they are acid, they are not stable they might cause the knuckles to go dark again and cause PIH.
5. Enjoy your new lightened knuckles. This just the concept i plan to make another post on the products to use and how to use them.


Apr 17, 2016
i'm one of the unlucky few with dark knuckles :( This is really helpful, can't wait for your more indepth post


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Apr 17, 2016
i got rid of my dark knuckles but i didn't maintain it and now they are dark again. I hope to do it right this time

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