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How to Apply Maxi Peel 3


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Oct 1, 2017
Maxi peel 3 is the third version of the maxi peel skin chemical peel solution and it is also the best and most effective on the skin. Maxi peel 3 can be used by any skin type and it can be used for a lot of skin conditions. Maxi peel 3 contains a very high amount of tretinoin and hydroquinone in it so it should be used with caution like any other chemical peel. Maxi peel 3 can be sued to treat acne scars and skin discoloration issues. Maxi peel 3 instruction comes on the package and it comes with a little green dropper bottle.

How to apply Maxi peel 3.JPG

How to apply Maxi peel 3
  • Cleanse the area.
  • Apply the Maxi peel 3 solution
  • Wait or 5-9 minutes
  • If irritation occurs, wipes the solution off the skin.