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How Lace Wigs are Made.


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Apr 17, 2016
If you are a new comer to lace wigs, or considering an investment, perhaps you are wondering just what you can expect when open a lace wig box initially.

Well, it's really quite simple.

A lace wig is usually a wig made out of human hair stuck just using a lace base. The two basic forms of lace utilised in lace front wigs are French lace and Swiss lace. A "lace front" wig has lace with the hairline (ear to ear) that may be secured with liquid adhesive or tape. When the lace is followed your own hairline, it gives a hidden hairline, rendering it look like the hair keeps growing out of your scalp. "Full lace" wigs possess the entire cap base created from lace so the unit may be parted in different direction and worn inside a high ponytail or updo if desired. We will detail the differences between lace front and full lace wigs within a later post.

The finest quality lace wigs are made using Remy hair. Remy (or Remi) tresses are the complete hair strand and possesses not been weakened by stripping. Remy locks are created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle in position. The result is stronger, superior hair. Still, this hair has undergone some processing (for example cleaning and dyeing), so that it should also be treated gently. Remy locks are often referred to as "cuticle hair" as the cuticle is left intact. Hair that's stripped from the cuticle is usually chemically treated to give your hair an artificial softness and shine, which wears down over time, causing tangling along with a poor appearance. Remy hair doesn't have this problem and it is the highest quality hair you can aquire.

There are 3 basic forms of lace wig cap designs. The "Full Lace Cap", the "Lace Front" and also the "Lace Frontal". Within these three types there are various variations on exactly how the cap is usually designed. For examples, many vendors might have units with straps or elastic, stretch lace, silk caps, thin skin, and many other design elements that might be adjusted to be perfect your lifestyle and private preferences.

When making a lace wig purchase, it is vital that you understand and research your choices so as to select the options that really work best for you. Discuss your options with your lace wig seller. Any reputable vendor must be more than happy to spell out the options how they offer and allow you to to make a good decision.


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