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Guide to uploading your Avatar


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Apr 15, 2016
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If you are having trouble uploading your avatar, follow this steps
(Note: If you don't meet the requirement you gif avatars would be static)

Maximum Height and width requirements for avatar is   100x100

Maximum File size is 2mb

1. Click on User CP on the upper left hand side beneath the portal link

2. Click on Change Avatar under the Your Profile Menu

3. Click on Browse and select the picture/gif from your computer or you can post the link to the picture from another website (Note that uploading from your computer is recommended )

4. Click Change Avatar

if your image/gif is too big, follow this steps

1. Head over to http://ezgif.com/

2.  Click on GIF Resize ( Note: They allow but images  and gifs)

3. Click on Browse and select the image/gif that is too big from computer

4. Click on Upload and it will take you to a new page

5.Scroll down and set the New Width and New Height both to 99 and click on resize

6.After it is done, you can now click on Save to download it to your computer and upload it as your avatar :Note: This will help if your gif is not playing

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