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Glutathione Suppositories - Uses, Review and Result


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Apr 17, 2016
Glutathione suppositories are of the most effective ways for the body to fully absorb glutathione without digestive interaction. glutathione suppositories are more effective than taking glutathione pills or using glutathione patches, In fact glutathione patches are almost useless and have shown little to no result.

glutathione suppositories.jpg

Glutathione suppositories as the name imply are inserted in through the anus and it is then dissolved and absorbed in to the blood. glutathione suppositories helps to raise the plasma level in the blood over the course of 5-6 hours.

Uses of Glutathione suppositories
  1. The help to detox the body.
  2. They serve as an anti-inflammation agent for the skin.
  3. They help to brighten the skin.
  4. They help to boost the brain function.
  5. They help with oxygenation in the body.

Review - Glutathione suppositories worked better than glutathione pills for me and almost shows the same result with an iv injected glutathione.

Result - I noticed a lighter skin tone and i felt really strong and able to do any activity easily without breaking a sweat.