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Get Rid of Dark Toes and Knuckles


Apr 17, 2016
How to Get Rid Of Dark Toes and Knuckle
Natural Way to get rid of Dark toes and knuckles
Dark spots on the knuckles are essentially caused because of the skin pigmentation known as melanin.Direct exposure from daylight builds the generation of melanin which goes about as a safeguard to shield the skin from the UV beams of the sun. Hormonal movement can likewise multiply melanin creation causing skin darkening. Dark knuckles are a typical occurrence and require sufficient healthy regimen to treat them. Hands are in contact with different outer factors, for example, brutal chemicals, cleansers, make-up and climate changes. These harming components can cause skin darkening and dryness. Home cures are extremely powerful in treating different skin conditions including this sort of flaws. Hand Pigmentation can be hereditary making it harder to treat than a normal case of darkening caused by exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals.

Vitamin E supplements with castor oil can reduce the skin pigmentation on the knuckles. Applying a granular blend made of coarsely ground almonds or broken oats blended with honey will help the skin and diminish pigmentations. Home made exfoliators can be applied frequently to decrease skin discoloration. Applying milk cream with turmeric is additionally a powerful solution to skin discolouration. Apply the mix over the hands each night and wash with cold water following ten to fifteen minutes. Another powerful solution for lightening dark knuckles is the use of lemon juice blended with grain powder or bubbled grain water. Apply this blend over knuckles, let it to dry, reapply the blend and neutralize with water. In the case that natural remedies don't work, you could always try chemical peels and they are bound to give you good results.

Get rid of Dark Toes and Knuckles Using Chemical Peel.
dark toes dark knuckles.jpg
  • Apply cleansing alcohol to cleanse the skin.
  • Apply your lactic acid 50% or glycolic acid 50% to the knuckles or toes.
  • Wait for 8-10 mins.
  • Neutralize the peel with water.
  • Do this 3 times a week for 4 weeks and there would be improvement on the area being treated.
Make sure to take care of the new skin and avoid exposure to sunlight or harfmul chemicals