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Foundation Without Titanium Dioxide


Apr 17, 2016
Foundation Without Titanium Dioxide
I am a fan of organic skin care products and this includes my makeup too, so i've decided to compile a list of foundations without titanium dioxide in them. Titanium dioxide is not only bad when absorbed into the skin but it is also affects the application of concealers and can give an unwanted glow to the skin.
foundation without titanium dioxide.jpg

Foundation Without Titanium Dioxide
  1. SHANY Two Way Foundation
  2. Omiana Foundations
  3. Rejuva Minerals
  4. Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Liquid Makeup Foundation With Sunscreen
  5. Au Naturale Organic Powder Foundation
  6. Honeybee Gardens: Vegan Non-Toxic Odorless Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation
  7. EMANI Flawless Matte Foundation
  8. Advanced Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation
  9. Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation
  10. New! Powder Me Louder Soothing Redness Control Mineral Concealer & Foundation in One
  11. Gabriel Cosmetics Compact Powder Natural Foundation