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Eczema or keratosis pilaris


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Keratosis pilaris is type of skin discoloration issue that is cause by the over production of melanin in the skin melanoncytes cell. Keratosis pilaris occurs naturally in the body with aging. Keratosis pilaris has various treatment that can help to reduce it. Keratosis pilaris can be cause by hereditary. Keratosis pilaris is usually caused as a result of contact with a chemical or harmful substances. Keratosis pilaris can also be cause by living conditions and life style. Keratosis pilaris can be triggered by a lot of things such as bacterial infection or fungus infection. Keratosis pilaris caused by fungus can happen as a result of the skin coming in contact with an infected products or substance. Keratosis pilaris can be treated with topical products and oral supplements. keratosis pilaris is different from melasma.

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Treatments for keratosis pilaris
  • Using retinoids or retin a creams
  • Using Alpha Hydroxy Acid products.
  • Using Antioxidant Products.
  • Apply skin moisturisers.
  • Eating a healthy and balanced meal.
  • Quitting junk foods.
  • Using glycolic acid peels.
  • Using salicylic acid peels.
  • Treatment with dermabrasion.