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Does Retin A Expire


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Apr 17, 2016
Does Retin a expire ?
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Answer - Yes Retin A does expire like any other skin care products. Although their are mixed answers whether or not expired Retin A can still be used.

Like many other skin care products that has expired, the can still be used because the skin care products manufacturers do not put the exact date that the products actually expires but an estimated time before they think the product will expire.

Expired Retin A might still work but it would not be as effective as it was because the composition of the cream would have start to separate from each other and the Retin A cream might not give consistent result.

Using expired Retin A would be a bit of a gamble so it would be just good to throw the cream away and get a brand new refill from your doctor because the cream might not give any result or might even cause skin damage.