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DIY Lactic acid lotion recipe


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Oct 1, 2017
Lactic acid lotion is a really good skin exfoliant and skin brightener. Lactic acid lotion can be used by and skin type and skin color or skin tone. Lactic acid lotion is great or aging skin and young skin. Lactic acid lotion can be used to combat a lot of skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne scar, black heads and psoriasis. Lactic acid lotion is also great for treating flaky skin. Lactic acid lotion can be formulated with a lactic acid powder of 50%-60% concentration and then diluted and is dissolved in a regular body lotion. The body lotion should measure up to the percentage and amount of lactic acid you are trying to acquire.

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Side Effects of lactic acid lotion
  • It can cause dilated veins.
  • It can cause excessive sweating.
  • It can cause itchy skin.
  • It can cause skin break out.
  • It can cause eye irritation.