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TCA Peel For Stretch Marks

Discussion in 'Stretch Marks' started by Krystal25, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Krystal25

    Krystal25 Member

    Ok so wow i have been seeing this a lot and i want to make one thing clear once and for all. Do not do TCA Peel on your stretch marks. That is like shooting your self on your wounded leg. TCA peel on it own can cause stretch marks when it is not done right. Stretch marks are thinned skin and TCA Peel would only strip the skin of what is left and make it worse.
    The best case scenario when you do a TCA peel on your stretch mark is that nothing happens and the worst case is that things can get way worse.
    tca peel for stretch marks.png

    Ways to Minimize Stretch Marks.
    • Moisturize the skin a lot.
    • Avoid doing strenuous activities that may affect the area.
    • Don't be aggressive when washing the area.
    • Eat healthy food that can help you reduce weight.

    In short stay away from any kind of peels including lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and tretinoin. Don't use any chemical peels or AHA peels on your stretch marks.
  2. Jennifer23

    Jennifer23 Well-Known Member

    People need to know that there is no real way to get rid of stretch marks completely
  3. SoBright

    SoBright Well-Known Member

    Think of it this way - peeling your stretched skin uhh :eek: .
  4. Naijababe

    Naijababe Well-Known Member

    I have been able to reduce mine with shea butter.
  5. ClassyLady

    ClassyLady Member

    What you actually need to be doing is building more skin instead of peeling away what you have left.
  6. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    I got so tempted to try this the other day!
  7. Krystal25

    Krystal25 Member

    It good that you didn't try it.
  8. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    I am also glad i didn't do it phew...
  9. Krystal25

    Krystal25 Member

    Did you use anything for it then or you just left it alone ?
  10. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    I didn't use anything and i thought tca peel was gonna work for stretch marks because people use it for tattoos.
  11. Krystal25

    Krystal25 Member

    It is used for tattoos because of it strength and ability to strip the skin !!
  12. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    I have also seen the pictures of the damages :eek: it did to peoples skin on google.

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