Summer fashion trends?

Discussion in 'Fashion' started by Lizzyxo, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Lizzyxo

    Lizzyxo New Member

    What are some fashion trends of this summer? I really want to have an updated wardrobe.
  2. PalmaG

    PalmaG New Member

    Hey, well starting off I would like to point out-
    Neon is definitely a big thing this summer! A cute neon yellow pair of sandals, heels or sneakers accessories, even nail polish or anything neon!-its all in this summer. Just make sure not to overdo it..... :p
    Aztec prints- I personally love them <3
    Dip-Dyes and Tie-Dyes
    Fringes- here, I'm not talking about your hair of coarse! Fringe bikinis/bathing suits and bags are all in! And a fringe bikini is sure to look great in the above mentioned neon!
    High Low (Hi Lo) dresses and skirts!-recently got one myself and yep, I'm madly in love with it <3
    Pastel colours were always in for summer and this year its all the same!
    Studs are another element :)
    Crop Tops and Zipper Crop Tops- whether just plain, patterned or floral printed!
    Cut Outs- another trend this summer :)
    Really hope I helped, have a great time shopping for new summer clothes and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER :D
  3. TessLiz

    TessLiz New Member

    Well, here In Cali, the trend is crop tops and high waisted shorts for girls

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