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Non Surgical Nose Slimming

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Surgery' started by ReviewMama, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. ReviewMama

    ReviewMama Well-Known Member

    Non Surgical Nose Slimming is very common nowadays it is being done mostly in Asian countries and it done with a Nose up Lifting Shaping & Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip. Surgical nose slimming can be expensive an the price can go up to thousands and thousands of dollars but nose clip can be gotten on amazon, ebay or any other online store for as low as 5o cents. Nose clip does not give permanent result and it can go back to normal in under an hour or two. Nose clip are used as a temporary way to slim down the nose. The nose has a very flexible bone in it and it can be bent into any shape pleased but it has to be surgically reduced for it to give a more permanent result.

    non surgical nose slimming.jpg

    Side Effects of Nose clips.

    • It can cause nose scarring
    • It can cause nasal blockage.
    • It can cause shortness of breath.
    • It can cause serious lung diseases.
    • It can cause permanent nose damage.

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