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mild case of rosacea

Discussion in 'Rosacea' started by Andy27, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Andy27

    Andy27 New Member

    I have a mild case of rosacea, and i need a mild face soap that wont make it flare up.?
    This isn't a very bad case mind you. I have slightly red, very dry, and somewhat bumpy spots on my cheeks. I already have a gel to help with it, and it is working very well. However, i would like to find a good soap that wont dry my skin and does not contain any fragrances or alcohol (those make matters worse obviously). i would also like to know of a good moisturizer that has a little sunscreen and also does not contain any fragrances or alcohol. Thanks =)
  2. Jennifer23

    Jennifer23 Well-Known Member

    Soap may dry and irritate your face more
    Aveeno has a cleaner that helps with rosacea
    St. Ives has a mild cleanser too but i prefer aveeno

    A good moisturizing lotion is moisture by Neutrogena. It is oil free,alcohol and fragrance free . buy the one specifically made for sensitive skin

    L'Oreal Futur-E is a good lotion with pure vitamin E, as well as a 15 spf sunblock in it.

    This would help you to get better complexion when dealing with rosacea
    - have a daily facial cleansing routine (twice a day. morning and night) don't scrub too hard as this might irritate you more
    - try dairy facewash as it helps to balance pH in the skin
    - use lotion containing certified green algae as cream are too heavy for the face
    - Try green tea
    - don't use hot shower as ths will dilate the blood vessel making your skin more red
    -get 7-8 hours of sleep every night
    - try to cut down on stress
    try upping your omega 3's level by using Evening Primrose Oil. Flax seeds and Flax seed Oil supplements act as anti-inflammatories. Turmeric has also helped some people

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