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melasma on face

Discussion in 'Melasma' started by Shore92, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Shore92

    Shore92 New Member

    How to remove melasma from my face?  Is there any treatment for melasma?
    i would like to know if there is any permanent cure for melasma if not temporary? there is little bit melasma on my face...
  2. Louis30

    Louis30 New Member

    melasma is caused by your melanocytes in your skin. The melanocytes are overproducing melanin which gives areas of your skin more color. You will notice this condition getting better when your skin is not exposed to sunlight (like the winter when you stay inside), but it gets worse in the summer when you're outside and exposed to the sun all the time. You can NOT make it go away, but you can make it better - lighter and less noticeable. First, wear a facial moisturizer of foundation with an SPF of 15 or Higher. Secondly, to fade the spots, you can use either Olay Regenerist Targeted Tone Enhancer or Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate. These products will target melanocytes and stop them from overproducing melanin. However, keep in mind this is not a permanent fix and you'll need to keep using the product regularly. There are no products on the market that fix this problem permanently.
  3. Texan22

    Texan22 Member

    try tca peels or better and safer lactic acid peel

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