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How to lighten your eyes

Discussion in 'Eye Care' started by TrendyLexi, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. TrendyLexi

    TrendyLexi Member

    This is something that i am currently trying but i would also like to share it with any everyone that is trying to lighten their eyes.
    My current Regimen to lighten my eyes.

    I am using glorybee organic raw honey that i got from amazon
    How to lighten your eyes.jpg

    How to lighten your eyes
    • Mix raw organic honey with distilled water
    • I put the mix in my dropper
    • I apply it morning and night
    • I also talk a lot of vitamin c tablets.
    I will try and document my progress but that would be very hard for me as i am always busy with work. I will try to be consistent with my regimen because missing one application might mess up my whole regimen.
  2. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    this is dangerous are you not scared
  3. TrendyLexi

    TrendyLexi Member

    I am being extra cautious with my regimen
  4. BBGirl

    BBGirl Member

    I am following your journey as i am also interested in this

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