How to Dilute Lactic Acid,Glycolic Acid,Tca Peel,Salicylic Acid

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    Chemical Peels are a great way to get rid of hyperpigmentation and scars. There are many different chemicals and they penetrate the skin at different levels.

    All chemical peels can be diluted with a simple chemistry formula C1 x V1=C2 x V2
    You will need
    Measuring Cylinder (if you dont have a measurin cylinder you can use a syringe )
    Latex Gloves
    Beaker/Bowl or any small container
    gloves.jpg pipette.jpg

    The easiest way to dilute an acid solution without the calculation would be when you are trying to get half % of the solution. For example,let say you are trying to get a 40% solution out of an 80% solution.
    1. Pour the solution into the measuring cylinder to get the volume you want . Let say 20ml, so you fill the cylinder up to 20ml with the acid solution
    2.Now that you've gotten your volume,pour the acid solution from your measuring cylinder into your container
    3.Rinse your cylinder,Now pour the water solution up to the volume you used for the acid (we used 20ml)
    4.Pour the water into your container and mix it with the brush/straw
    5. Now you have 40ml of 40% of the acid solution

    To get other % other than the half(You would need the formula)
    C1= Concentration of the acid you will be using
    V1=Volume of the acid you will be using
    C2=Concentration You want to get
    V2=The volume you will get

    First you would need to get the amount of water you would use so you should follow this steps and you would use the formula

    For this example we would try to dilute a Lactic acid peel(Or any peel) of 100% to 30% .Let say it comes in a 40ml bottle and we are trying to dilute the whole thing or you can take out the amount you are trying to dilute by using the measuring cylinder
    1. Multiply the original concentration of the acid and the amount you want to use = C1 x V1 (100% x 40ml)
    2. Divide it by the concentration you are trying to get= C1 x V1/30%=(100% x 40ml) divided by 30%
    3. That would be equal to 133.33ml approximatlet 133ml of water
    4. So you would need to add 133ml to the 40ml bottle to get your 30% acid solution
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    this would be really helpful

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