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How to bleach your skin

Discussion in 'Skin Lightening' started by SoBright, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. SoBright

    SoBright Well-Known Member

    How To Bleach Your Skin
    Ok so i've become sort of a legend around here after showing my result from my compounded hydroquinone mix and i have recieved hundreds of pm, so instead of responding to them all, i will write a detailed post on how to bleach your skin.

    Alright so first things first, this post is for people that are trying to achieve a lighter skin tone just so we are on the same page.
    So i classify skin bleaching into two different categories.
    • Skin Brightening
    • Skin Lightening
    Skin Brightening: This is the process in which one add glow to a dull skin. Skin brightening is less harsh on the skin and relatively takes a short time to achieve.

    Skin Lightening: It involves going down one or more shades on the skin tone chart. It is more harsh on the skin and relatively takes a long time to achieve.

    Now skin brightening and skin lightening can be broken further down into three subcategories.

    • Natural
    • Semi-Natural
    • Unnatural
    Natural: It involves the use of product that are solely plant based to bleach the skin. E.g kojic acid, bearberry extract, mulberry extract, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Azelaic acid, Glutathione, Alpha hydroxy acids.

    Semi-Natural: This are bleaching products that is gotten from plant based form of sythentic lightening ingredients. e.g Arbutin is gotten from plant based hydroquinone.

    Unnatural: This are lightening products that are completely processed from chemicals and therefore are synthetic in nature. e.g hydroquinone, mercury, Topical Steroids.
    Common misconceptions are that hydroquinone skin bleaching is not safe but that is not true, hydroquinone is actually one of the safest skin bleaching product.

    Mercury Creams - I have used mercury creams in the past to bleach my skin and i would advise everyone to stay as far as possible from this . It can cause permanent stretch marks and wrinkles . Oh and it is also very toxic.

    Topical Steroids - This is the get-light quick scheme in the skin bleaching world. There is no doubt that topical steroids are effective in skin bleaching and there is also no doubt that they can be disastrous.

    How to bleach your skin
    When people talk about skin bleaching, they usually mean going down in shades which is skin lighten. So i have formulated a simple regimen for skin bleaching using hydroquinone.

    My result from my compounded hydroquinone mix.
    how to bleach your skin.png

    Mornings- AM
    1. Start off with a good exfoliating Soap. I recommend Kojie san(You can leave the soap on your body depending on how your skin can tolerate it)
    2. If you feel your skin is too thick, you can add an exfoliating lotion to you regimen. I recommend lactic acid lotion. Beware of over-exfoliating. Stop exfoliating at any sign of redness
    3. Apply your hydroquinone lotion. i recommend caro white or carolight, nadinola, l'abidjanaise or fair and white(hydroquinone version).
    4. For extra tough areas like knuckles, elbows and toes. You can get a more concentrated tube cream of hydroquinone and chemical peels(lactic acid or glycolic acid) once a week would also help.
    5. Apply your sunscreen.
    Nights - PM
    1. Wash your body with ordinary soap
    2. Apply your exfoliating lotion.
    3. Apply your hydroquinone lotion
    4. Apply your chemical peel to tough area(once a week application)
    Tips: If you plan on using natural products, just replace the hydroquinone lotion in the regimen with any natural lightening cream. I would recommend fair and white the kojic acid version
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  2. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    your skin tone is on point
  3. FeelinLight

    FeelinLight Well-Known Member

    This is good for newbies
  4. Bola4Show

    Bola4Show Well-Known Member

    Fair and white works so good . You get what you pay for
  5. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    Skin brightening and skin lightening can be confusing and skin bleaching sounds like a more aggresive way of skin lightening.
  6. SoBright

    SoBright Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are correct on that point.
  7. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    A lot of products advertised as skin bleaching are just brighteners too.
  8. SoBright

    SoBright Well-Known Member

    Brighteners are supposed to be mild and a lot contains harsh products too
  9. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    I still get confused though when people say peels are just skin brighteners.
  10. SoBright

    SoBright Well-Known Member

    Chemical peels lightens, bleach and brightens the skin so they have many uses :D

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