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Honey Eye lightening Drops

Discussion in 'Eye Care' started by BBGirl, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. BBGirl

    BBGirl Member

    So, yesterday I took a large step.
    I put honey during my eyes.
    Before everyone go all "WT ! ARE YOU CRAZY?" on me, I'd similar to to point out that this honey was diluted with 1/2 water, boiled on the stove, cooled for the hour, and lightly dipped in the eyes.

    Now, this girl wants to lighten her epidermis or her eye color, i would completely apposed of me performing it. That's why I have to sneak these items from everyone.
    Okay, what I did...
    I took some Kroger brand 100% clover honey we had inside the pantry and squeezed a reasonable amount right into a small pot. (I mean fair because - you're treating this as an eyedrop. You don't need to generate a giant tub-worth of "solution", as I refer to it, because you're literally dripping a combination into your vision. You'll simply have a lot left). I added a modest amount of cold regular water into the pot, then heated it around the stove, stirring it having a wooden spoon. Since I only developed a tiny bit, it didn't require much time for the water to start out bubbling and steaming. I let it cool completely (because who likes basically microwaving the eyes?) approximately 15-30 minutes and poured it in a tiny bowl.
    This mixture is glazed like honey, but watery like...water. I dipped my finger in and touched my eyes "like applying a contact"...nothing. After a couple more tries, I appeared lavishing my finger with all the solution before point of dripping, and holding it right across the eye the minute before the solution all slipped away.
    The burn? More like a tingly sensation.. Like should you ever put in eyedrops with the fluorescent. Then back to sleep, awaiting sparkly hazel eyes.
    ...no luck. One of the most severe thunderstorms inside century hit Atlanta yesterday evening. I was fidgeting and checking out the lightning flashing out your window for hours.
    In the morning? My chocolate brown eyes did look a bit lighter...nevertheless it was just an illusion, probably.
    Okay, so I'm going to begin with on tackling my homework now, and after that tomorrow I'll post Day Two of eye lightning!
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