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Homemade Lactic Acid Peel

Discussion in 'DIY Skin Care' started by ReviewMama, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. ReviewMama

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    Lactic acid is the most effective chemical peel that can be done at home without the supervision of a medical professional or a dermatologist. Homemade lactic acid can be purchased online and diluted to the needed percentage that would work well on the skin depending on the skin type and skin issue that is being treated. homemade lactic acid peel should be done with caution it can also go horribly wrong and it can end up damaging the skin leading to a chemical burn or a permanent PIH. homemade lactic acid peel should be properly measured and diluted. Dilution of lactic acid peel can be found in the DIY Section of the forum.

    homemade lactic acid peel.jpg

    Benefits of Lactic Acid Peel
    • It helps to get rid of suntan.
    • It helps to brighten the skin.
    • It helps to get rid of dull skin.
    • It helps to lighten the skin complexion.
    • It helps to get rid of wrinkles.

    Side Effects of Lactic Acid Peel.
    • It can cause PIH
    • It can cause stretch mark.
    • It can cause skin burn.
    • It can cause skin peeling.

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