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Funky Mommy Review

Discussion in 'Gossip and Latest News' started by Ymelb, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    I remmeber that years ago their was this funky mommy website that sells their skin care products and today i ecided to check the website again and i found out that their website was down and the orders that were made was never delievered.
    Funky Mommy website is showing this
    funky mommy.png
    I remebered that funky mommy sold products with
    • Kojic acid.
    • Glutathione lotion.
    • Glutathione pills.
    • Hydroquinone.

    There are also so many complaint and fraud claims on their website and i remember that their funky mommy product did nothing for me.
    Update: I found out that funkymommy.net is now beblemishfree.com and they still carry funky mommy products.
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  2. DMVbabe

    DMVbabe Active Member

    funky mommy shut down because of all the threats and fraud claims.
  3. Ymelb

    Ymelb Member

    makes sense now

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