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Divine Derriere Reviews

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ClassyLady, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. ClassyLady

    ClassyLady Member

    Divine Derriere Cream Reviews
    So i bought this cream to use on my nipples and pubic area to see if it would lighten it. I've been seeing reviews all over the internet about how good this cream is and i thought that i would try it out for myself and give you guys the review here. This is what the cream looks like
    Divine Derriere Cream
    divine derriere reviews.jpg
    Divine Derriere Ingredients: Hydroquinone, kojic acid and alpha arbutin.
    The cream didn't really have any lightening effect but it made my nipple and pubic area a little brighter and pinker.

    Pros of Divine Derriere
    • It made my nipple and pubic area pinker.
    • It didn't irritate my skin.
    • It was moisturizing.
    • It had a nice fragrance.

    Cons of Divine Derriere
    • It is a little expensive.
    • It is mild and not potent.
    • The jar is a little too small.
    • It contains hydroquinone.
  2. FeliciaF

    FeliciaF New Member

    it is good that you at least got some result from it
  3. Marie85

    Marie85 New Member

    I tried it on my nipples but not on my pubic area and it made my nipples pinker
  4. MoniqueP

    MoniqueP Member

    I would never rub anything down there, you are brave to try that
  5. bookWorM

    bookWorM Member

    There is so much rave about the cream, i will try it because my nipple got darker with prenancy
  6. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Well-Known Member

    I am interested in knowing what your result was!
  7. bookWorM

    bookWorM Member

    Oh i saw little improvement with the use..
  8. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Well-Known Member

    So the cream is actually effective for lightening the nipples ?
  9. bookWorM

    bookWorM Member

    I can't really say if it was the cream because the nipple returns to it normal color sometimes after pregnancy
  10. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Well-Known Member

    I will give it a try and see if it will work for me

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