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Clinic Clear Whitening Body Lotion

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by EbonyNY, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. EbonyNY

    EbonyNY Moderator

    Clinic Clear Whitening Body Lotion is a skin lightning cream that is meant for people with very dark skin. The cream helps to brighten and even ones skin tone. clinic clear whitening body lotion is made specifically for African American skin. The cream uses only natural lightening ingredients to whiten the skin.

    Clinic Clear Whitening Body Lotion
    clinic clear.jpg

    Clinic Clear whitening body lotion Ingredients: Stearic Acid,C16-C18, Petrolium Jelly, Mineral oil, Cetiol, BHT, Vit.E, Citric Acid, Parabens, Vit-C, Sodim Sulfit, Fragrance, Coconut Oil, Carrot oil, Ethyl Diglycol, Sorbitol, Kojic Acid,HN white, Demineralized water.

    Pros of Clinic Clear Whitening Body Lotion
    • It can lighten the skin very fast in as little as 2 weeks.
    • It contains only natural skin lightening ingredients.
    • It exfoliates and lightens the skin.
    • It moisturizes the skin.
    • The cream has a nice smell.

    Cons of Clinic Clear Whitening Body Lotion
    • It can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.
    • It can cause redness and inflammation.
    • It can over exfoliate the skin.
    • It can cause stretch marks.
    • It can make the skin to break out in rashes.
  2. Naijababe

    Naijababe Active Member

    It does not contain hydroquinone ?
  3. JayJay

    JayJay Active Member

    I dont think it does
  4. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Active Member

    This is another natural skin lightening product for my natural products stash
  5. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Member

    I have used it before with good result

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