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Black and White Bleaching Cream - Uses, Side Effect and Review

Discussion in 'Skin Lightening' started by Tajena18, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    Alright guys, it feels so good to be back on my favorite forum even though i occasionally lurk around from time to time. This would be my review on black and white bleaching cream. I reduced the amount of skin lightening products that i' m using, so know i' m trying to use simple products to bleach my skin. Due to college i had to keep things simple. I realized that being in college was making it hard to concentrate on all the products i was using.

    My result - Black and White Bleaching Cream Before and After
    black and white bleaching cream.png

    For those of you who don't know what black and white bleaching cream, it is a skin bleaching cream as the name implies made by a company called J Strickland & Co. They specialize in ethnic beauty products for the hair and skin. J Strickland & Co is also the company that makes nadinola, so they are a well reputable company and they don't lace their products with shady ingredients. Black and white bleaching cream can gotten from CVS or Walmart. Black and white bleaching cream is really good for black skin because it was made solely for black skin. Black and white bleaching cream can be used for underarms if they are dark or any other part of the body.
    This is what the cream looks like
    black and white bleaching cream.jpg

    Black and white bleaching cream Ingredients:Hydroquinone 2%. Inactive Ingredients Water , Glyceryl Stearate , PEG-8 , Cetyl Esters , Mineral Oil , Cetyl Alcohol , Sodium Sulfite , Ascorbic Acid , Citric Acid , Methylparaben , Fragrance

    Here is a little background
    I started using black and white bleaching cream on my face at the beginning of this summer. My shade before was around Kelly Rowland skin tone. With the help of exfoliation and daily use of black and white bleaching cream i was able to lighten my skin 3-4 shades. I stopped a while back be cause i was getting too light and everyone around me was noticing, so i concentrated more on evening out my skin tone. I concentrated on exfoliating my skin more and i make sure that i apply sunscreen anytime i' m going out. I've been called light skin by women and men. I got a bit of a tan when i stopped using the cream and this gave my face a more natural glow to it. I look more caramel toned now. My face is now the same skin tone as my body as i have a naturally light body. Anyway that is it guys :p

    Pros of Black and White bleaching Cream
    • It lightens the skin very fast.
    • It gets rid of acne marks.
    • It makes the skin more even.
    • It gives the skin a nice glowing complexion.
    • It is affordable.
    Side Effects
    It might cause the skin to breakout.
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  2. FeelinLight

    FeelinLight Well-Known Member

    I love your skin tone :cool:
  3. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    Aww thank you
  4. WinnieBoo

    WinnieBoo Member

    Your skin looks so nice
  5. Ladylove86

    Ladylove86 Active Member

    Nice carmel complexion
  6. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Well-Known Member

    Your skin tone looks beautiful, black and white bleaching cream seems to live up to it name.
  7. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    Thank you xoxobabe.
  8. xoxoBabe

    xoxoBabe Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.
  9. DMVbabe

    DMVbabe Active Member

    are you still using the cream ?
  10. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    Yes i am still using it.
  11. Sweetbabe19

    Sweetbabe19 Active Member

    good cream just not moisturizing enough.
  12. Bola4Show

    Bola4Show Well-Known Member

    I really like this cream but too bad i can't get it..seems like a good basic skin lightening cream.
  13. Femininity

    Femininity Well-Known Member

    Did you use any exfoliating lotion or peel ?
  14. Tajena18

    Tajena18 Active Member

    Yes i used glycolic acid lotion in my regimen and it gives good result too.
  15. Precious adodo

    Precious adodo New Member

    Good evening lady... What cream mix can use to make me white

  16. WinnieBoo

    WinnieBoo Member

    You Should try the fair and white line you will love it, go for their blue line and you can also try labelle glow products too.
  17. Precious adodo

    Precious adodo New Member

    @ Winnieboo u mean the fair and white in a blue container download.jpeg download.jpeg download.jpeg download.jpeg
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  18. WinnieBoo

    WinnieBoo Member

  19. Esther

    Esther Member

    This lotion got me dark...
  20. FeelinLight

    FeelinLight Well-Known Member

    Really! Did you use the kojic acid version or the hydroquinone version ? It could have been a fake product

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