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Nape Lifting Tutorial - How to achieve a Long Lasting Bond at the Nape.


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Apr 17, 2016
Nape Lifting


Bonding the nape of the lace front wig may be challenge for the most experienced lace veteran. To begin, it's not possible to see what you are doing, and several women have many hair on our necks which disturbs the adhesive bond. This can quickly result in frustration as being the adhesive either will not likely stick in any way, or in the event it does it will never stay bonded for virtually every length of time.

Many women often wonder precisely what they are doing wrong that creates them can not get the nape bond right. In my experience, I've found that we now have usually really quite simple reasons why someone will not be have to keep a successful hold on the nape ,sufficient reason for a few adjustments, each lady can use a flawless nape application. If you are having issues with your nape hold, see the following guide carefully and consider what changes you could make to youe application routine to obtain better results.

Wig Size
One of by far the most important steps to finding a good nape application begins before you even receive your unit. It starts for the point if you take your measuremants and order your unit. I have found that particular of the biggest sabatuer of lace wig applications is attempting to apply a too small unit.

When to relates to securing the nape, the "front to nape" measurement is by far probably the most important. The front to nape will be the measurement that begins with the forehead and ends in the nape in the neck. If this measurement is way too short, you simply won't be able to pull your unit far enough down within the back to glue it properly. When measuring your brain, for anyone who is unsure about any on the measurements marketing and advertising to err assisting caution and order a unit slightly too big than too small. You can always trim a too large unit, yet, if your unit is way too small, you simply won't have many options.

Another important component of achieving a long lasting nape bond could be the placement within your wig. The nape of your lace front wig really should be bonded from the "bend" of the neck, not below. To locate the bradenton area, hold the head all the back and check up at ceiling. Feel the crease that forms at the nape? The bottom within your unit must be applied just above this crease. It really no matter what adhesive you utilize, when your unit is bonded below the nape, or even the bend inside neck, it won't hold. The adhesive will release on the natural bending and pivoting within your neck.

Too Much Nape Hair
Ok, so now that you simply've located the vicinity where you needs to be placing your unit, you ought to consider if you must much nape hair to obtain a good hold.
One thing is obvious, which is that lace wigs tend not to bond well to hair. Many women shave the additional hair below the crease to get a better bond. Now, I must clarify this aspect. This doesn't mean that you ought to shave the back of your face. I am not suggesting that you simply shave anything over the bend with your neck. As a matter of fact, all of one's hair really should be braided up and growing when you're wearing lace wigs.

Whether you may shave or otherwise, remember that in order to employ a truly flawless nape application, this is usually a necessary step for female with lots of hair on the nape.

As an alterantive, if you can't want to shave your nape, then you can to try parting the hair just over the crease and putting the adhesive inside the part. Tape isn't going to stick well to hair by any means, if you decide to try this method you need to use a liquid adhesive from the part.

Handle With Care
Once you need to do get your nape applied applied securely, you will need to handle your unit gently. Do not pull in the back on the lace front wig when styling hair in a ponytail, or updo. Remember the tresses are just glued, or taped down - it may not be nailed down. The less stress that you simply place on your adhesive, the longer your bond last.

The simplest element, but a really significant factor nonetheless.
Hang in that room, Ladies! You are all effective at acheiving a great nape application. It just takes just a little practice.