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How to Wear a Lace Wig


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Apr 17, 2016
How to Apply a Lace Wig
If you happen to be a new lace wig wearer and you're simply doing your own application initially, the key factor in making you a survivable and successful you are preparation.

Lace Wig Tool Kit
To begin, here are a few tools that you will want to gather to be able to apply your unit. I recommend assembling a "tool kit" say for example a basket or box in which you keep all of your current lace wig application supplies.

If you've ordered a custom unit and therefore are waiting for it to reach, this can be a good idea to order your gives a week or so before you decide to expect to receive your unit. Since there are few places that sell lace wig supplies locally, you must keep in mind that you'll need to order your main supplies and permit transit time so they can get to you. TIP: It is also a great idea to order a couple of extra supplies, especially adhesives, as if you run out, you do not be capable to just go out and buying more.

Below is usually a list of the essential application tools that you'll want.

The Adhesive or Tape that you pick. Self explanatory, you'll not get far without one.
A razor (just like the kind you make use of to shave your legs) or clippers. This will be familiar with shave any stray hairs through your hairline and nape. This step is optional, nevertheless it will help to ensure a lengthier lasting bond.
Wig cap if desired. A flesh colored wig cap can improve the illusion of scalp if worn under lace, however it's not necessary. We will discuss various ways camouflage the lace in later posts.
Scalp Protector. Scalp protector will increase the strength from the bond between lace wig along with your flesh through providing a smoother bonding surface. Also, it can protect skin from irritation.
Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, not the drinking kind. Save that until once you get your unit applied :). For best results rubbing alcohol really should be at least 90%. This will be utilized to cleanse the appliance area of oils that can interfere with the web link.
A Rat tailed comb. The rat tail is very rewarding for pressing the machine into place without getting glue in the device babyhairs.
Adhesive Remover. You will need to invest in a remover to eliminate the glue through your skin and out of your wig. Lace Release is really a great product. 100% Acetone also successful and can be bought from any drugstore or cosmetic store.

OK, so now goes...
You have all of your current tools assembled and you're simply ready to make use of.

Applying your lace front the first time can be a daunting task. Just remember to remain calm and to avoid becoming frustrated. Also, make certain that the first time are applying your lace wig, there is a nice quiet environment and lots of time schedule to learn so that you will won’t feel rushed. First time applications could be trying enough minus the added frustration of attempting to rush through it. Allow yourself no less than two hours for the first time application with any new unit.

That being said, consider down to basics.

Cutting the Lace

First, you will have to cut the surplus lace out of your wig. It’s easy to understand, just cut the lace completely back to the location where the hairs first begin, ensuring to cut off the maximum amount of lace as you can without cutting off the child hairs. Some people recommend leaving a little strip of lace inside front, but I will not recommend this because regardless how much makeup you apply to it, a strip of lace glued for your forehead looks very strange and unnatural. For the most natural application, just go ahead and cut all with the excess lace off.

Basic steps to wig application

1) Prepare your own hair for the approval by being confident that it as flat as you can. You can put flowing hair into small cornrows, or perform hard flat set with gel if nice hair is shorter.

2) Clean the hairline area the location where the lace will likely be applied using the rubbing alcohol. Make sure to clean the application form area well to get rid of any oils from your skin. If desired, you can make use of a wig cap to keep flowing hair flat underneath the wig, however it is not essential.

3) Use the razor or clippers to shave the stray hairs out of your hairline and nape area. This step is optional, but understand that a hair free application area will help you to achieve a prolonged lasting and neater looking bond. Also, should you be placing adhesive over any hairs they will likely be pulled out which often can thin your hairline as time passes. You should not shave your whole hairline, just the stray hairs. And, yes, the head of hair will grow back.

4) Apply the scalp protector in your hairline towards the area the place you will place the adhesive. Apply the scalp protector generously. You cannot apply an excessive amount of scalp protector.

Allow the scalp protector to dry before proceeding to step #5. When dry, the scalp protector can look shiny of the epidermis, and often will not feel wet or sticky.

5) Apply tape for the perimeter of one's hairline area the place that the lace wig are going to be applied. Whether you choosed to use a liquid adhesive or tape is the personal choice. To get the strongest and longest lasting bond we recommend having a combination of both tape and glue. If you're using liquid adhesive only, skip this method.

6) At this point, it's also wise to apply the tape for your nape area. However, will not remove tape backing or make an effort to adhere the nape before front hairline in the unit may be secured.

7) Apply 1-2 thin coats of adhesive to your front hairline. The adhesive really should be applied on the skin and also a little bit within the tape.

8) Wait 5-10 minutes between coats for adhesive to dry.

You will be aware that your adhesive is dry enough if it's tacky for the touch but doesn't feel wet.

9) After adhesive has set align the system by placing the wig with your head and be certain that it is aligned properly using the center with the wig matching with all the center of the head. If your unit is long place the wig hair in to a ponytail first as a way to keep the head of hair out with the way when you're applying

10) This may be the trickiest and quite a few important step, so take the time here. Beginning while using center in the wig, utilize rat tailed comb to press the lace from the wig into the glue and/or tape. Slowly and thoroughly work your way in the center of your respective head towards your ears the whites at a time, aligning and adjusting the wig as you go. You ought to be lining up the edge of one's lace while using edge in the glue on the hairline. Continue pressing the lace in the glue one small section at any given time. If your unit could be the right size, you will manage to apply the machine without having to pull or tug it into place.

11) Now that the leading is secure, you are able to move for the nape. Roll it up and take away the tape backing.

TIP: Many lace wig wearers tend not to always glue around the back in their unit, notably if you usually wear hair down. If you're not thinking of wearing an updo, try gluing down the leading hairline only and securing the back of the unit with bobby pins or clips. This application method is really a lot easier and fewer time consuming, and may also be more comfortable as if your scalp itches you may always lift in the back of your respective unit to scratch your face!

12) Apply adhesive on the nape area and apply the nape with the unit within the same manner as the top.

TIP: In order to gain a more secure application, after your unit is applied, you may tie a scarf round the perimeter of the head, placing light pressure around the bonded areas, and letting it set for no less than 20 minutes.

That's it, all done! Now have a pat within the back :).

FINAL TIP: After you are applying your unit, wait 24-48 hours before you decide to wet you area. Your adhesive needs time for you to set; after that time, you happen to be good to go. Also, usually do not use any alcohol based products or oils around your lace perimeter. Keep this area dry and product free or perhaps your wig will lift ahead of it should.

Well, that's the plan. By following these steps, you should have the capacity to achieve a flawless application every time are applying. As always, Ladies, you can add comments, seek advice or suggest new topics. I am glad to aid!



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Dec 29, 2021
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