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How to use Caro white and get result - Skin Lightening


Apr 17, 2016
New York
Read my review on the caro white brands in the products reviews before deciding if this is for you

carowhite combo.jpg

carowhite tube.jpg

There are many ways of using this the caro white skin lightening products
Note: Caro white is suitable for people with darker tone as this might give a tan shade to already light skin with yellow-pale undertones or might not even work at all.

Note:Before you start using caro white also have a bottle of maxi peel (i recommend 3) with you
maxi peel.jpg

it would help to prevent patchy looking face.

  1. First leave the soap on your face for 2-5 minutes then rinse it off (it is a mild soap)
  2. Use a cotton wool to apply the maxi peel to your face twice (with a 2mins interval)
  3. Apply the caro white lotion to your face (I recommend the lotion because it would give you a better looking tone than the tub/jar cream and don't mix it with anything)
  4. Apply the jar/tub cream to your whole body
  5. Use a cotton wool to apply the oil to your lip, knees, knuckles and toes (Note: i advice to not mix the oil in the tub because the cream is already greasy enough and can give you a red looking tone on your body)
    (If you don't have time you can take a small portion of the cream and mix it with the oil and use it on this areas )
  6. Repeat this in the morning and at night( You can leave out the application of the oil and maxi peel at night/morning depending on when you want to apply it)
More Notes
1. Use the maxi peel for the 3 days straight or until you start peeling (You will Peel)
2. Avoiding the sun like a vampire. Get in the habit of wearing hats
3. Use Spf
4. Yield to all my words even the ones the i don't seem to stress on
5.Within a week you would see result, in two weeks you would be considered light( trust me)
6. If you are not satisfied with your facial tone after 3 weeks, add the tube cream to your regimen. (It contains Clobetasol, so use at your own risk)
7.If you are not satisfied with the result and you don't want to risk the tube cream, switch to l'abidjanaise which i would be discussing soon.)
8.When you reach your plateau with the caro white products and you want to lighten further, move on to the l'abidjanaise wagon
9. Your plateau with caro white should be around light brown shade with yellow tints to it ;)
10. You can maintain by using the products 3-5 times a week
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Apr 15, 2016
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Thank you for taking your time to post this guide.
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Apr 17, 2016
caro white is a good cream and can lighten really dark skin. it good for people that are new to lightening
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